miscellaneous Monday (on a Wednesday)

Yes, I am behind this week…what’s new!?

  • So Monday, I tackled the rest of my Christmas shopping and I can now say that I am officially done!! Yahoo! I hate crowds, so I have to get done early or I end up driving myself insane. Now, to just wait on one more gift to get here in the mail and wrap. Of course, the wrapping can technically wait, since we aren’t putting up the tree until Bryan gets home on the 19th.
  • My goal over the Thanksgiving holidays, was just to maintain my weight and not gain. We all know how difficult that can be with a holiday revolving around huge quantities of food. I didn’t truly know if that was possible, since I wasn’t going to be able to run either but I managed…somehow. I was 181.6 the Monday prior to Thanksgiving and exactly 181.6 on the Monday after…what are the chances of that?!
  • This TDY is almost over…YAY!! We are officially in the teens now, only 16 days left. I am thrilled, because these last few weeks have DRUG.
  • I finally managed to get our Christmas letter and Christmas cards finished tonight. I have only been working on them for over a week now. Tomorrow they will go in the mail and then in a few days, I will share an e-version of our Christmas letter here on the blog. I just want to make sure everyone that is getting one in the mail, has a chance to receive it before I post it to the world.
  • Speaking of Christmas cards, can I urge everyone to spend an extra 42 cents this year and send a card to some really deserving people. Holiday Mail for Heroes which is sponsored by the Red Cross and Pitney Bowes delivers cards to our troops overseas. Please visit the website for more info and note that they must be postmarked by December 10th.   http://www.redcross.org/email/saf/
  • Today was my 5th post-op visit with my bariatric surgeon. The visit went well and he was impressed at how ahead of the curve I am. Typical losses for lap band patients are 1-2 pounds per week, so roughly 32 pounds at 4 months post op…I am at 50!! I did get a 1cc fill though, since the in the past few weeks I can tell I am eating more and am getting hungry sooner. So, it is back to liquids for 2 days…joy, joy. It is worth it though to get the rest of this weight off and with how great I am feeling already!


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