Many of you might remember me recently talking about having to get a new wedding band because of my weight loss. I was crushed, our wedding bands were bought in England and have a LOT of emotional attachment to them (and a story behind them that some may remember). I had looked online in several places and while I could find similar ones, not the exact one.

Till yesterday…

While I was digging in the fire safe box looking for my POA’s, I found the paper with the designer of the ring on it….she has a website and still sells our rings! WOOHOO!!

I was so happy, I had to immediately call Bryan…now, in a month or two when I am sure my fingers have shrank their last bits, I can order a new band!!

Here’s the website if anyone is interested in taking a peek at her work.

4 Responses

  1. I love those rings – I especially love the gold celtic design with the amythest – my birthstone. Pity the Aussie dollar is so pathetic in terms of the exchange rate with the English pound (and everything else apart from the New Zealand dollar!!). Can I just ask why you wouldn’t simply get your current rings resized smaller? this would be a much less expensive option I would have thought. In Australia it’s only about $30 to downsize a ring a couple of sizes. anyway, very exciting that you can get another one if you need to. Cheers, Mel

  2. @ Melanie:

    My engagement ring and anniversary band are going to get resized, but we haven’t been able to find a jeweler that can cleanly resize the wedding band. The eternal love knot pattern goes all the way around and is continuous, so anywhere it would get cut would look bad.



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