miscellaneous Monday (on a Tuesday)


So I missed my miscellaneous Monday yesterday…what can I say, life has been a bit out of sorts the past few days. It is all working out though, so you are getting your miscellaneous Monday only on Tuesday:-)

  • Jacey had her 7 year well child check up yesterday. The nurse and np kept raving about how smart she is. She’s healthy and happy and it felt good to hear that we have been doing something right. She now weighs in at 44.4 pounds and is 46.95 inches tall.
  • This week has been emotionally rough (yes, and it is only Tuesday). I am not going into specifics, but lets just suffice to say that Bryan and I are learning the hard way that *we* need to come first and that *we* need to work to make our marriage better if it is going to survive. Even with all the emotional turmoil that has came this week, it is really neat to see the process. Getting to watch him from afar on webcam, I am seeing all the little things that I fell in love with over 9 years ago. What can I say, I am love struck again:-). We know it is not an overnight process though, so I have started doing “The Love Dare” and Bryan’s copy is on its way to him in New Mexico. In all though, this song totally sums *love* up…


  • So, you all knew my first two Twilight books came in…I am so hooked…LOL! I am only halfway through the first one but it is addicting. I would read it all day if I could. I know the movie is coming out in November, I hope that is stays in the theaters long enough for Bryan to get home and take me…otherwise, I may just have to kidnap one of my friends and make them see it with me:-).
  • I have always hated shopping. I was not your stereotypical girl that loves foo-foo and loves to shop. Now though, it is a bit scary…I am actually liking it…LOL! I had to go yesterday in search of some pants for work. 95% of my clothes are too big and while I have capris that somewhat fit, I have no khakis and it is downright cold here. Headed to Old Navy and $156 later…I now have some clothes. I think most of my joy comes from the fact that I no longer have to shop in the plus size section! Since my surgery, I have went from a 3x to XL in shirts and a 20 to 16 in pants…and I’m not done!!
  • Now, I have to ask you…where exactly do I live? Apparently, I no longer live in Florida…somehow I go teleported to like Minnesota or somewhere. Here is it, not even November and we are under a freeze warning…crazy. Can I just say how much I hate the cold…LOL!

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  1. First and formost YAY for the shopping! Second…HOLY COW its cold! I never ever turn on the heater this early in the year and this am I had to because it was 65 in the house and there was no way Kayleigh would have gotten out of bed!


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