miscellaneous Monday

  • So, how was everyone’s weekend? It was long but good here. Saturday, Jacey had swim lessons, so I ran and then we had a date to see Kung Fu Panda. Very cute if I do say so. The Sunday, we had a staff fun day with my work out on my boss’s farm/ranch. J had a blast! There were horse rides (Mr. Larry even let Jacey ride by herself), hay rides, frisbee, horseshoes, walking, chickens and best of all, a campfire and the makings of s’mores. Jacey had never had a s’more before and now, she is hooked.

  • Amongst all the wonderful with this weight loss, there is some negative. I’d say about a month ago, I could no longer wear my engagement ring and anniversary band because they were falling off. My wedding band lasted until just a few days ago, I think because it was wider and had more skin to bond to. No more though, since I almost lost it in the garbage disposal. I don’t plan to get anything resized till I am at goal for fear of wasting money and them becoming too big again. So, I went out today in search of an inexpensive wedding band to hold me over. The lady sized my finger and I am down to a 6.5?! My wedding band is an 8. Wow. I tried on a few, the 6.5 worried me, in case my fingers swell when I run (which they often do) so I got a 7. Now though, that I am home I am wondering if the 7 is really too big. I am going to wear it tomorrow and see…if so, I’ll go take it back this week and exchange it.
  • I have been trying to take Jacey to see the “Nutcracker” ballet for years now. It is even on my 101 in 1001 list. Each year, there is some reason why we can’t…out of town, previous plans, etc. This year I thought Bryan being TDY was going to be the deal breaker, but he said he wants us to go ahead and go, sort of like a Mommy-Jacey date. I was worried good seats were going to be hard to get since I had missed the selling start date by a few days, but was pleasantly surprised. We scored second row seats! I haven’t told her yet, but I am sure she is going to be tickled pink!!

  • Ever try to make an indecisive little girl pick a Halloween costume? Torture I tell you, sheer torture:-). She finally (after browsing who know HOW many costumes) decided to be Princess Leia from Star Wars, complete with hair-do and all. Too bad Daddy won’t be here in person to see it, since he loves Star Wars and is who got her hooked on them.

  • The Couch to 5K is going well (it’s on my mind because I just finished tomorrows mp3). Tomorrow I start week 5 day 1 and I finally had to make my own music. I had been using Robert Ulrey’s podcast but week by week, the music choices kept getting further and further away from what I like which makes it hard to lose yourself in the music and not in the burning muscles. Last week, I was 24 minutes in before anything good came on. This week though scares me, on day 3 instead of intervals it is a straight run. We shall see, the good thing is I have 2 weeks to play with before my 5K in December.

3 Responses

  1. OMG she will be the cutest Princess Leia!! I can’t wait to see picture of her!

    You know neither of my guys picked out star wars costumes this year and I was really surprised!!

  2. She will be so cute in that costume.

    As for your ring…I had the same problem, I went to Walmarts and got a box of small little plastic pieces that you put on the ring to tighten it up. They were $1.97… so worth the money!!! If you ask at the jewelry counter, they will point you towards them ;)


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