Grateful Friday

1. Rain, I slept so soundly last night. First time in a while.

2. J and I are finally getting settled into a routine with Bryan being gone.

3. One week closer to Bryan coming home.

4. Friends, all these wonderful people that surround me, both near and far.

5. Things that challenge me to be a better person.

3 Responses

  1. @ meghann:

    Thanks! My Mom bought J and I tickets to go back to Texas for Thanksgiving. We had the choice to have Bry come home for Thanksgiving and then go back…it wasn’t worth losing $250 in fam sep though. We figured it would probably be harder for him to come home for a few days and then leave again than to just stay gone.


  2. I love it when it rains really hard like that. I remember those kind of rains when I was growing up! But it doesn’t really rain like that here… I think it would be nice sometimes for sure!

    Glad that you found peace this week!


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