Grateful Friday

1. Jacey likes to read and we have found 2 series of books that she just LOVES. We bought one yesterday and by this morning she was done with it!

2. My surgery has been a turn around for all of us; it has gotten us all eating better, eating less and back in the exercise frame of mind.

3. Weekly lunches with the *girls*, I am looking forward to them.

4. Naps

5. DVR

4 Responses

  1. I know what you mean about having lunch with friends, I love it too and look forward to it each time I go!

    I love the photo of your wrap, not only does it look yummy, the photo is great!

    Glad that you are eating better, I know what you mean about a complete turn around, its the same in our house since my surgery!!! Way to go girl!

  2. Which books did you get Jacey on reading? Ian is reading with me the Boxcar Children right now (the original not the series) and I just got him an Encyclopedia Brown book and one called Stink the Incredible Shrinking Kid. He is still slow but he really does a good job with his reading! Good luck to Jacey!!

  3. @ Jen M.:

    Thanks Jen!

    Jacey loves the Magic Tree House and Junie B Jones series. They are easy for her, but right now I am more concerned with her still wanting to read at home…I’ll leave the harder ones for now to AR at school:-)


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