nugget sauce rationing

Families beware, you can now only get one nugget sauce per every 4 nuggets at McDonald’s!!

So Jace and I headed to McD’s after VBS today to pick up some lunch before heading home. I got my normal and she got a 4 piece nugget happy meal. I pay, get up to the second window and get my food. Before I can even say anything, they shut the window. I wait, because I need my sauce…it is the most important part of the meal…LOL! She finally opens the window and I ask for sweet & sour and barbeque. She hands me 2 sweet & sour (pay close attention to the two). I then ask if I can have barbeque. At this point she informs me that they can only give out 1 package of sauce per every 4 nuggets.

My response, “You are kidding, right?”

No. Mind you she has already handed me two packages. Heck, I was even willing to trade one s&s for a bbq. Eventually she relented, I guess because she realized I wasn’t going anywhere and the line was backing up.

All I could think was that I just spent $10 at your establishment yet, I am going to rip you off via nugget sauce.


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  1. Hey there Lacey! Just trying to start myself back into the swing of things to keep me sane and that means reading my favorite blogs! :)

    I am glad to hear that things are going good for you and yours. I simply think McD’s are stupid for rationing their sauces, what next? I know Jacey will have a blast at VBS, Alyssa goes to two each year. One at our church and the base one because all of her friends are there. She is WAY excited too!

    Thanks for thinking and praying for us, we truly need it! I pray for you guys as well!


  2. You know it is funny because some of them ration them out and then others you get 4 nuggets and they give 2 big huge things of ranch for them!! Like I wanted a little chicken with my ranch dip, you know!!

    Personally and I know it is weird, I like honey (plain honey) with my nuggets — always have!!


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