to blackberry or not to blackberry

that is the question!

So I got my Blackberry back in what…May?! Had to have the Pearl, so it was small and I would have the *world* at my fingertips…so I would be connected for the business…right…

Blah…being connected is not all it is cracked up to be.

I find that I spend an extra $30 a month to *be connected* and yet HATE checking my email on the phone, it is too small. I rarely use the calendar because well, I use Outlook at home and don’t need to know what is going on after checking that morning. And, as for the business, I am not sure where that is going since my diagnosis but, that is for another post, another day.

So, I think I am going to put my blackerry up on eBay and buy an LG Shine instead. Anyone have one? The reviews I read online are good but we all know how those can be sometimes:-).

One Response

  1. Nope! I am no help. I have neither. I have a generic cell phone from Cingular who was bought out by AT&T. I thought about upgrading, but realized that it does the trick just as much as a new upgraded cool phone! LOL. Although mine is pretty hip, after all I’ve got the cute pink cover!!! :)

    I don’t even know what a LG Shine is, and I only know of Blackberry because a friend of mine “had” to have one too!

    Good luck with which ever way you go and hope that your Easter was blessed!


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