Grateful Friday

1. We are DONE school shopping for Jacey.
2. Nothing specific to do tomorrow ( I NEED a down day).
3. A/C…it has been miserablely hot here lately.
4. Jacey’s new teacher seems really nice.
5. Hurricane Dean *looks* like he will not come near us (although an AF paid vacation wouldn’t be horrible:-).

3 Responses

  1. Glad the hurricane isn’t coming near you. Although I don’t think we will be so lucky again. Man we drove through the last one on the way home from El Paso and it was a wall of water. Just what San Antonio needs more rain!! :)

  2. I just took Deidra back to school shopping this weekend for tax-free weekend. It felt like the day after Thanksgiving out there. We got a lot of good deals though and now we’re good to go. Just gotta find a couple pair of jeans and get her new shoes and she’s good.


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