So I am reading Understanding Exposure with a book club on a photography forum and I am really, honestly starting to grasp some of this stuff! I tried to learn before when I had a film Rebel SLR (back in 2002) and it just wouldn’t click then….pity, because I could be so much further ahead now…LOL!

This time though, it is actually fun. I am learning how to shoot without my flash which is awesome because the flash has always bugged me. Of course, there will always be some situations where hte flash is needed….I am beginning to think my house is one of them.

new hair-do

This is directly off the camera, not post processing except adding a watermark. The color is not horrid but it also isn’t right. I think that a task this weekend (since the weather isn’t going to allow me a beach shoot) is going to be replacing all the lightbulbs in my house to bright white instead of soft white in hopes that it will help my *home* pictures.


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