goals and dreams

They always say it is better to write your goals out…why, I don’t really remember but there must be some good reason…LOL!

Maybe accountability…yeah, that must be it!

I have been thinking and dreaming about this for quite a while now. Bryan keeps urging me to go for it and I keep coming up with reasons I shouldn’t. None are truly *GOOD* reasons, but reasons nonetheless in my mind. Well, I am out of reasons now…

I am going to start my own photography business! I don’t plan to launch the actual business for a year but instead plan to spend the rest of this year, building up my portfolio, setting up a kick butt website, stocking up on more equipment and basically getting all my ducks in a row. I am so excited to be actually going forward with this. I already have a name picked out “______________ _______________, photography by Lacey”. Cruel aren’t I…the suspense! Actually, I will share, just as soon as I get the domain name/URL purchased and a placeholder up on the WWW (God, give me a 25th hour in the day please).

I want to do primarily outdoor/beach portraits of kids and families but am willing to do some studio work and possibly move into engagements/weddings eventually. I already have 4 and possibly a 5th person that want me to do shoots for them, so this will be an awesome opportunity for them to get portraits at print cost only and me to get portfolio material. Win, win situation.

Anyway, I could ramble about this all day…I am just so thrilled (and scared) to have finally made this decision.

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  1. Good luck, Lacey! I’m doing the same process! I’m in the process of having my website done, and hope to launch that within the next couple weeks. For now I’ll continue to build my portfolio, launch the site and see where it takes me.


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