and then there was LIGHT

Since I have started learning how to take pictures without the flash all the time, I have realized just how cruddy the lighting in my house was. Every picture had this horrendous yellow tinge, almost like it was taken under flourescent lighting and yet, the kitchen/dining are the only two rooms with that lighting. So, yesterday we went out in search of a slution and found Phillips Natural Light lightbulbs. Bryan changed out all the rooms last night except Jacey’s (she was asleep) and the difference is astounding. And man, are they bright! Almost blindingly at this point but I know we will get used to them. Colors are so much more vivid…I can’t wait to take some pictures and see how they turn out now.

And hey, maybe they will improve my crappy mood as of late too!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Lacey. I hadn’t checked in here in a while. You look terrific! And Jacey’s haircut is truly adorable. I’m glad to see you’re doing well.

    Lauren and Jamie

  2. That is probably my problem too. I am doing a little challenge, a picture a day. Want to join in with me? I don’t know that I will get a picture everyday on my blog but it is worth a try and that way we will get more practice using our cameras.


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