what a crybaby!

Well, today was Jacey’s first day on the bus. She was supposed to ride yesterday but, unknown to us, there was no service yesterday (talk about a fiasco to start the day…ugh).

She has been bouncing off the walls excited, since we told her she was going to get to ride the bus and I was OKAY with it. Or so I thought. I put her on the bus this morning, made sure she had a seat and the driver had all the info he needed and went back to the truck where the tears immediately started flowing. I felt so dumb. I mean, she has been going to school since she was 2 and I have never thus far shed a tear over it. I have always been happy for her excitement and progression through life. Why now with theÂ? bus? What makes it so different?

The emotional rollercoaster of being a parent sucks sometimes:-(

3 Responses

  1. I totally get it! my TJ is now 7! he only started getting the bus last year at age 6 and I cried too, Jacey is only 4 going on 5, I totally understand! it’s like all of a sudden it’s one more step in life where they dont’ need us anymore, it’s that independance and it’s scary for US!

  2. I just want you to know that I am crying for you!! Ian informed me the other day at preschool that I shouldn’t pick him up any more that he needed to take the bus and even though I tried to explain to him that there was NO bus, he still didn’t like it!! So I am crying right along with you!!!

  3. I have done good with all of it till Tuesday when I dropped him off for his 1st day of school. Cried like a baby! Hugs!


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