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I walked into the office this morning and about jumped out of my skin after catching a glimpse of this…

DSC03023 (Custom)

At first sight, I thought it was one of those huge palmetto (roach) bugs that we are plagued with here in Florida and Texas and ???. I hate those things…you know, I know God put everything on this earth for a purpose but I still haven’t figured that one out. They are nasty and I am scared to death of them. I try not to let Jacey see it because she is petrified of them enough on her own. Upon closer inspection though, I discovered it was only a big piece of lint, probably from Bryan’s belly button….LOL! Definitely woke me up this morning though!

Life is busy as usual, we both have work, Bryan also has Bible study and worship rehearsal once a week and Jacey has school, cheerleading practice, cheerleading games, gymnastics and children’s choir. We did get Jacey’s cheerleading pictures back Saturday and I think they turned out pretty cute.
upward-cheer-team-2006 (Custom)

upward-cheer-2006 (Custom)

Must run, I have a few things I need to get accomplished around here before work and sitting on my butt isn’t making it happen….LOL!

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  1. Too funny about the bug — I found one in our apartment in TX and at first since I didn’t have my glasses on that the puppy had pooped on the carpet, then it started to move!! EEEEK!!! Talk about freaking someone out!!

    Jacey’s pictures are really cute!! I love the western outfit!!

  2. Jacey’s pics are way cute. I had no idea they started cheerleading this young. She looks like she enjoys it. I can’t believe how much stuff you have on your plate I’m amazed you have time to update your blog LOL

    Take Care


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