I guess I am actually supposed to update this thing…eh:-) A little birdie told me that is what blogs are for, not to sit dejected and alone. So, here I am…for a minute anyway.
I am sitting here, gathering my thoughts in the quiet of the morning, before our routine chaos ensues. I have 5 more minutes before I need to get Jacey’s breakfast together, her up and me dressed. It’s all good though, morning is her most compliant time and I look forward to going to work. I am very blessed there. Today I actually begin my true part-time schedule, last week was training and yesterday was a really fun staff retreat. I am hoping though after a few weeks in my schedule, we can get the schedule around the house better suited to our needs. Afternoons/evenings right now are hectic because Bryan has been picking Jacey up but doesn’t know what to do after that since I have always organized everything and I am used to having all the time in the world to get everything accomplished. We definitely need to work on that area.

We also need to figure out what to do about getting Jacey back and forth to school. Right now we take her and pick her up, but Bryan works on base (where we also live) and I work in the opposite direction of her school. Time is not the issue, but it is a big hassle to go the opposite way every morning/afternoon. The school runs a bus service that comes to base and is about half the monthly cost of what I estimate it will cost us to drive her. She would LOVE to ride the bus, but I have that hang up that she is too little. I think I am going to get the exact schedule from teh school this week and sit down with Bryan this weekend to figure it out.

Anyway, I just glanced at the time and must run. I promise I will try to not leave you all hanging so long anymore:-)

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  1. I can’t believe she is big enough to ride the bus by herself. That is a scary thing!

    I am so glad to hear that you love your job!! Hope they will still let you come to our retreat in Nov!! Cause I can’t wait to meet you!!



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