I am SO tired…

I am sitting here fighting sleep..I should probably go to bed now but I am going to try to make it through this post first. If anything is incomphrehensible (including my spelling:-) please bear with me….LOL!

Jacey had a blast at soccer camp this morning. She was bummed we didnt stay and watch so I promised her we would tomorrow. We had a few other things we HAD to get done this morning and it is just so darn hot outside…blech. After camp, we had to run by Jacey’s school and sign some more forms and drop her physical paperwork off. Then we headed to Destin for lunch with some friends that I knew at our last base. One is down hre visiting family and the other is stationed here too but we just haven’t been very good at getting together. We should have, she’s a lot of fun and they move tomorrow:-( Anyhow, we had a great time at lunch and it was a lot of fun to get to see them.

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After lunch, we headed to the BX to get Jacey some cleats and smaller shin guards. I also started a bit of school shopping for her. Found here a couple of shirts and an outfit on clearance and then stocked up on socks and undies. Tomorrow we are going to go through her closet and see what still fits and is good for school, then fill in the gaps later this week. Hopefully I won’t need to buy much, especially since things are likely to get stained playing with paint and glue:-) The rest of the day has been spent just lazing around since the weather is pretty crappy. Hopefully it will clear up overnight so it’s not raining for camp tomorrow. We shall see.

Till then…….

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  1. Happy Shopping!! You sound so calm about her starting school. I am freaking out about Ian and he still has a whole year left!! :)


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