People just have a knack at grating my nerves here lately. This weekend it was stupid drivers, yesterday it was the checker at the commissary that waited till I had over half of my basket unloaded before asking for my ID and ringing up any of the groceries. Today well, ebay people!

I listed some items on ebay today. One being a fairly expensive item that we have had for a year now and only used once, last July. No reason to keep it in my eyes because obviously it is not getting utilized anywhere near it fullest. I wrote it up, took TONS of pictures and noted its one small flaw in the auction description. A few hours later, someone did buy it now. Great, one down. An hour later, I get an email stating that they did not notice the listed flaw so they no longer wanted to purchase it. Umm…too late. I did not hide the info and if you did not read it, I cant help that. So I emailed them back, told them that if they did not pay, I would be required to file non-paying bidder and leave negative feedback, yada yada. I also referenced ebay’s page on buyer resposibilities. So now here I wait though….I can’t relist the product yet, can’t file NPB till 7 days after the end of the auction and haven’t heard back from them. OY!


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