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Many of you know that I had my first interview since 1999 at the BX (military version of Wal-Mart for you non-military types:-) for a position in home and garden. It would have consisted of assisting customers, restocking, ordering, etc. Well, I felt that I was very prepared for the interview and felt that the section supervisor well, wasn’t. It all went good though and I was comfortable with the fact of working there, even though I still didn’t know 100% if I was going to take the job if offered. I’d really rather have a full-time day job…I don’t even mind working rotating Saturday’s if I enjoy the job and the BX position was offering evening with every Sunday-Monday off. These hours though would be prime right now since I would have no need for childcare. Decisions…decisions.

Well, I got the call back yesterday that she chose someone else for the job but really wanted me in furniture because of my computer knowledge. She said she is going to press them to make another position available and keep in touch with me so, we shall see. Bryan and I have talked about it though, in great length and I think that unless I can get a daytime position I am not going to work right now. I think being home for 4 years has made me a softie and I can’t imagine missing any of Jacey’s extracurricular activities and if I work evenings, I will. It would be different if I *HAD* to work but I don’t…it’s more for my sanity, than money.

So, I applied for a few positions at a bank today, have a few NAF positions that I am going to apply for tomorrow and another position with a psychiatric facility on Wednesday. Then, I will be done with pursuing work till Jacey goes to school in August unless a kick butt opportunity presents itself before then.

Wish me luck :-)

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  1. Lacey-

    I can totally relate. I’ve been a SAHM now for 4 years, and unless I 1. HAVE to work for the income or 2. find the perfect job with perfect hours and flexibility then I feel that I am needed more at home right now.

    Good luck with the furniture job, and the banks. Bank hours would be perfect since you would only work days and no weekends.

  2. Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I totally agree though that I wouldn’t want to miss out on her activities too.

  3. best of luck with it all! I basically said the same thing, if I can’t work while Connor is at school then I don’t plan to unless I absolutely have too. I think it is more important for me to be with him when I can be. I am so happy to read such happy uplifting posts! Hugs!


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