I have determined that I reside in geekdom. I say that in the most loving context, because I am a girl geek and love it but I do think it is funny in it’s own way. Jacey has even been drug on board with our geekness:-). Not only do each of us now have our own computers, but Bryan has a side business mod’ding xBox’s, I have almost completely converted to digital scrapbooking and I won’t even touch on what I have been doing to my cell phone…LOL!

Jacey well, she just plays and learns from them although she did take quite an interest in helping Bryan build hers from hand-me-down parts. I even made her day and labeled her desktop as “Jacey Snow White” which, because of my mother, Jacey swears is her name. Ah, life with a 4 year old is never dull:-).

On another note, just have to brag on Bryan a sec. His has gotten quite a client base for his side business here but has also taken to making more mod’s to our xBox. He even wrote up a how-to for one of them and got published on Too cool! He was just like a little kid and as excited as could be to see his work up in virtual print:-).

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  1. LOL we are geeks too. Ray has an office upstairs with a computer. I have an office downstairs with a computer and then we have the laptop and Ray is currently working on a computer for the girls since Emily seems to think my computer is hers LOL


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