what a day

Well, after 4 hours in Pensacola this morning, I now know that I am just destined to be fat:-(

Today was my long awaited (I made the appt back in November) endocrinology appointment. My appt. was scheduled for 8:45am so we left the house at 6:30am. We needed to have time to stop for breakfast and get gas and had no clue what the traffic was going to be like on the bridge. We get there at 7:45am and proceed to search out his office. Get all the way up there only to be told that he moved here recently to a building acroos the medical compound. SCREAM…why in the world did someone from his office not call me?!?! Finally get over there at 8:40am…thank goodness we left early! I got checked and and asked why no one called me about the move. Basically, I got a we are sorry ma’am, our service was supposed to call and mail a letter…well, I got neither…grrr.

Once I finally got into the dr, I discovered I really didn’t care for him but at least for once I didn’t feel like he took one look at my weight and brushed me off (big problem with military drs). He’s going to run some more tests but honestly feels that the root of my problems is that my PCOS is getting worse with age and lack of treatment. He said that I am ALWAYS going to be heavy and that if I lost 10 pounds in a year, he would consider that a success (wow, that means I will be ONLY 36 when I finally get to my goal weight…oy). He also doesn’t feel that gastric bypass would be a feasible solution either because he has had many PCOS patients that while they initially lost the weight, it all came back, because PCOS weight is not due to eating habits, it is due to hormonal issues. Well, that rules that out then because I am not going through all the pain of the surgery only to have it be a temporary solution. He did say though, that pending the rest of my test results, that he is going to start me on a high dosage of metaformin to try and control the PCOS (I took low doses before with no luck so we’ll see if we have any luck with high doses). He also said I could try weightloss medications if I wanted but he has only seen mixed results in PCOS patients (again, many lose but very few keep it off). I don’t know…I think I might give them a try to see if I can drop a little weight. I don’t have issues maintaining weight really, I have issues losing it and maybe this would help some…can’t hurt, can it?

At least now I know there is a medical reason to my weight but that doesn’t change the fact that I HATE it. People look at you so differently when you are heavy…they don’t take into consideration any reason you may be heavy, all they see is a person that doesn’t care about themselves or is a slob…..

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  1. You are not a slob by any stretch of the imagination. If someone judges you for your weight and not for who you are, then they are no friend you need anyway! I am glad you got some answer, but sorry they were the answers you were hoping for. I really hope the meds work for you! Great big hugs to you all! We miss you!

    P.S, Connor says he is taking a pic of Jacey to school for show n tell today!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve had a lot of friends online that have had sucess with PCOS/Met and low carb? Something do to do with Inscilin Resistance being a huge part/symptom of PCOS? I hope you can find a plan “for life”! HUGS

  3. Lacey,
    Wow, this really hits home with me as I have PCOS as well. The only advice they gave me is eat a low carb diet and I will lose the weight! (whatever…)

    Anway, get a second opinion about the gastric if that’s something you are considering. As you know, my mother just had it on Feb14 and she is insulin resistant. The doctor NEVER told her that she wouldn’t be able to keep it off… and he is well respected in that field. She has already lost 25lbs. Call me and we can chat more.

    You are not a slob!!!!

  4. Sweetheart…
    I just want you to know that I love you and no matter what, we will find a way to beat this. Not once did I and I never will I believe that there is nothing we can do about this. The good thing is now we have an angle of attack, knowing that it is PCOS (pending further testing of course). There is always a way, and if it means that we diet till the day we croak, so be it. Just know that I am in your corner ready to go all twelve rounds. I love you and will always be here for you.



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