{the great haircut debate}

Okay, anyone who knows me, knows I am NEVER satisfied with my hair….short, long, brown, blonde, even cranberry…you name it, I have had it. Well, this time is no different…usually I would just color it and that would tide me over but I am scared to color right now with as much hair as I am losing. My endo appt isn’t for another month, so something has to be done!

Let’s recap the last 6 years:-)

Long & blonde….
Moved to the UK where there is NO A/C and I chopped it off…short flippy and blonde… Went through a bad manic episode, chopped it all off and went blonder…. Had been growing it out since last cut and went cranberry…. Same basic cut but back to blonde again…. Decided to cut it really short again…I loved this cut WHEN I actually styled it…. Been growing it out since then…. Went brown…..and this is where I stand today… Any opinions? Bryan is no help, he just says he likes me any way I come:-( So, please…I NEED input before I just go totally chop it off again. I need easy upkeep though as I despise spending a long time on my hair. I thought the cut below was cute but…I dunno!

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  1. That pic of the chicks hair at the bottom is the way mine is cut right now! You may have seen the pics at Kami’s house today. I love it and I am presently training it to flip up – it is not working with me but I am fighting the good fight!!:-)

    I personally like the way your hair looks right now…maybe keep it long and just layer it a bit??? Can you put some blonde streaks in it for a change instead of putting dye on the entire thing?? Or would that mess with the hair loss thing?

  2. I like the way your hair is now, or the short styled look (but, like you said, you liked it when you actually had the time to style it) …. so maybe just stick with the way it is now. Looks cute. :)

  3. Mine is pretty close to the girl in the bottom picture too. But her’s looks good, probably cause she knows what she is doing. Your’s looks a lot like it too in the picture right before sept 2005 (you know the one where you said you liked it when you actually styled it). That is my probably with this cut, I don’t always style it.

    I really like the short flippy bob from when you had no AC in the UK. I think that color looks good on you too.
    Good luck!!

  4. You know I love you however you look, little sis. I guess I’m not really much help. *grin*
    If I *HAD* to choose a style that I like best on you though, it’s the way it is now. It’s closer to the way it was when we first met. Longer styles frame and accent your facial features the best, I think.
    Love you!

  5. I think I like it long as well. All the short cuts were cute too, so if you go with that you stilllook very nice, but if you want to know my preference I am liking they way you has looked in the 2005 pics!

  6. I like it how it is now. I agree – maybe add some layers and/or highlights if you really want a change. I went and cut a bunch of my hair off a couple of weeks ago and it’s so much more work! I would much rather be able to whip it into a ponytail when I’m running late or the kids are driving me nuts.
    FYI – You look beautiful no matter how your hair is cut!

  7. I really like your hair both long and short. I like it most though in the pics of the family and then in the one where it’s short and styled flippy like. I think that if you wanna style it like that everyday, then go for the last style, it’s really really cute, but otherwise just get a few layers and maybe a few streaks just for something different. I know how you feel on the hair thing, there’s not much I can do different with mine without it being a PITB!!!


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