my new plates??

Many of you know, I have personalized plates. Right now they say “LACER”, a nickname that was given to me by a friend and stuck. Well I need to change them and want help. There is more to the story, but let’s just suffice to say, that I have now been told in 3 different instances that the person that previously had that plate has a warrant out for their arrest and I’d rather not accidentally be in a confrontation. So I need some ideas of things you think would fit me. Texas allows up to 6 characters and 2 spaces.

So, here are some that I have thought of and/or friends have suggested and I liked. Please vote and/or give me more ideas:-)

2 Responses

  1. I like LMAO personally, I think it would be funny to pass a car and have it say that. The one I would watch is the Luv to Crop one, I first thought love to crap and well that could be taken weirdly!

    Good luck, when you changing them?

  2. LOL! Yeah, I thought about that! But, then again…I am weird:-)

    My registration is up in August but I can change them whenever I finally figure out what I want…hopefully by the end of the month!


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