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Who on earth knew that bunk beds are SO hard to find??? Okay, truth be told they aren’t that hard to find IF you are not picky. Although, to be honest with you I didn’t think we were. We started a search, a few days ago for a simple, plain natural pine colored bunk bed. We had a budget of $500…didn’t think that was too unreasonable. Started my search online to get an idea of what was out there and found a perfect one at Ikea. Perfect simple design, perfect color (matches Jacey’s dresser and current Ikea shelves)…price, only $249 for the frame. Great…only one catch, the closest Ikea is in Atlanta…350 miles away!! So, for the time being, that was out…worse come to worst, my mom could pick it up on her way here since she will be driving right by an Ikea. Anyway, so our search continued. Yesterday, we call and/or went to probably 25 furniture stores around here. Many had bunk beds but they were either the wrong color, too ornate, metal or way out of our price range. Jeez, I didn’t even know they made $1000 bunk bed frames!

So, our search continued today. This morning, we called several places in Pensacola and got what we thought were a few leads on things that might actually work. Got dressed and drove over. Turns out, they were either cheaply made and looking or their version of natural pine was completely different from ours. At this point we were quite discouraged. Continued driving around and checking EVERY furniture/bedding store we passed (and let me tell you, you never realize just how many there are till you are looking). Finally, Bryan got an idea…what about a bare wood place? We had those in Houston, they are bound to have them here. Found one and what do you know, 3 bunk beds to choose from in the exact color we wanted! Success!! Now, why didn’t he think of that earlier:-). We get it bought and all loaded up, then head home. Once home, we unload it and then go on a search for twin mattresses. Can I beat my head on a wall now?? We call SEVERAL places and they either don’t have any in stock or want upwards of $150 EACH for just the mattress!! Oy, a 30 pound child is going to be sleeping on this, not a 200 pound adult, we do not need $300 worth of mattresses! We finally found some at the very last place we called…luckily, all it took was a few clicks to get a matching comforter ordered. I think I might have pulled my hair out had that been difficult too.

Tomorrow, we are going to put clear coat on the bed to protect it and get her old one out of her room. I can’t wait to see it all done! It better look REALLY good and Jacey better LOVE it for all the work it took…LOL!

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