love after 18 years

18 years. Today marks 18 years of marriage to my best friend. 18 years ago, I would have said that love is flowers and dinners out. Holding hands and romantic dates. Gifts and love notes. It is all that, but it is so much more. It is clean windshields and full tanks of gas. It

a trip down memory lane

Yesterday, I went in search of a past “love letter” from Bryan for a project. Of course, as per the norm when I pull out that shoebox with all of our letters from basic and tech school, I get teary eyed reading them and spend way more time then anticipated. One though, stands out and

pure sexiness.

It is amazing to me how one single person can evoke such intense feelings in me. He can make me so angry at times and with one look…yes, that look above and in one split second make all those reasons I fell head over heels in love come flooding back. It’s not fair I tell