Third Day

Wednesday, I got word that Third Day’s Revelations Tour was coming…yes, to our small little area on April 18th. Then, I found out it was going to be at the Emerald Coast Conference Center which does not have the greatest acoustics, so I said maybe not. After talking to Bryan though, he was a definite yes…tickets are reasonable and it will be fun regardless. So, off to buy tickets I went. If I would have bought Wednesday, I probably would have gotten, like the first two rows behind the yellow section…ah well. We haven’t told Jacey yet, although she will I am sure be thrilled. She has been begging to go to a concert!

Our seats are in pink…


Who Third Day is if you have no clue…
(click twice to go to youtube, since they have embedding disabled)



  1. Esther

    Oh Lacey! This is fabulous! I am like Jacey, wanting to go to a Christian concert for the longest time! You might see me there, girlie! Praise God!