Year In Review –> 2016

Now that all of our family should have received their snail mail versions, I am okay to post. For the first time in many, MANY years, I did not send out Christmas cards and I did NOT design my own newsletter. Gasp. I know. Time this year just got away from me, so the family

Grateful Friday

  1. Jacey was finally released from the hospital Tuesday night and her pain has been manageable since. 2. Swim family and flowers for J, that brightened her dreary hospital day. 3. Kohl’s Cash, 20% off coupons and clearance rack deals… clothes for Hawaii, since nothing from this summer fits anymore. 4. Being able to

Grateful Friday

1. Jacey came through her biopsy okay and is only in minor pain. 2. My new oncologist is knowledgeable, personable and doesn’t think the mass is anything to worry about at this point. Pelvic u/s, just to make sure though. 3. Safe travels, there have been many, many miles driven this week. 4. A fabulous

15, already?

Can it be? Are we really THAT old? Did our one and only actually turn 15 last week? That tiny little baby, who just yesterday stole our hearts? Yep, that one. Sigh. I can’t be totally sad though. Despite our shortcomings, she has turned out to be pretty awesome. Everything we could have hoped for

In Rewind :: CCS Summer Junior Olympics 2014

Back in July, we headed to Fresno, CA for the 2014 Central California Summer Junior Olympics, a 4 day long course championship meet. Jacey had a fantastic meet and here are a few snippets of each day.   Wednesday :: July 16 Travel day. The goal was to be out of the house by 0800…I