the amazing Jacey

little stinker…

So my daughter informs me that she doesn’t need another puzzle, that she already has one. What?! I asked her what she was talking about and she promptly walked over to the Christmas tree, reaches under and pulls out a box. She proceeded to shake it and says “sounds just like a puzzle”. Ack….little stinker….this […]



So, my daughter is a total pill bug…I was cleaning some papers off my desk and came across this note that we jotted down. Jacey says the darndest things and one day, she matter-of-factly informed Bryan that “you’re on mommy’s list and she’s going to jump your case”…we were rolling with laughter! She also has […]


4 years ago today….

I was filled with more emotions than ever before in my life or ever since! I was scared out of my mind, excited beyond belief, second-guessing my ability to be a parent and worried about what the future held. We had wanted this for a long time and were as prepared as you can be, […]