March 2017 | Fitness Goals

Oh, hello March!

I was really looking forward to you and my 2nd half marathon, but now I have mixed feelings. I’m currently nursing a hip injury/pain and the fate of that half is now in the air. Sigh.

Let’s recap February…

1. 64 ounces of water daily – check.

2. 50 miles – fail. I was WELL on my way to hitting this mileage goal (FINALLY) until my hip thing during my 8 mile run 2 weeks ago. I am quite irriatted to be honest about failing this one.

3. PR my Cupid’s Chase 5K – check. Finally beat that 2009 PR!

4. Punchin bag and boxing gloves – check. I can’t wait to get this set up in the garage and start cross-training/anger management. ;-)

February wasn’t what I wanted it to be with my half training, but everything else I nailed.

On to March…

I don’t know yet what will happen with my half this month. My physical therapist’s goal is for me to run it, my PCM says no. Right now, my body is making the answer as clear as mud. We’ll see.

What are your goals for this month?


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