Wives of Faith: Christmas Blog Carnival 2011- Day 3

It’s that time of year again! Come join us (click the graphic for details)!


Day 3: Your Favorite Childhood Christmas Memory

Hmm….this is a tough one. Christmas as a child was rough for me, try as my Mom might to make it wonderful. I was a child of divorce and my biological father and his family tended to be quite difficult.

I think one of my favorite memories was going to see our church’s pageant every year. It was just a fun and touching reminder of what Christmas truly was about. Not all the gifts, food, hectic-ness, craziness. Just true love and sacrifice. I still to this day cannot go through a Christmas season without seeing something related to the true reason for the season. Last year it was a play at a local church and a live nativity, This year, so far the live nativity is on the calendar again and we are looking for more.


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