WoF Christmas Blog Carnival: Day 2: December 7

A day late…such is my life lately…LOL!



Dec. 7:  Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without ______ .

Wow, how long to do you have…LOL!

….my husband.  If Bryan is gone, it is just not Christmas, so much in fact that we don’t even put up the tree till he will be home. Even if that is February!

….Christmas plays and or concerts. In fact, we are heading to a live nativity put on by a local LDS church tomorrow.

….driving around looking at Christmas lights. A family tradition that must not be broken.

….candlelight service on Christmas Eve. Celebrating the true reason for the season.

…baking and delivering cookies to the base gate guards on Christmas Eve. Bryan and I started this tradition the first year of our marriage and now it would not be Christmas without it.

….opening new pajamas on Christmas Eve, so we look presentable in pictures from Christmas morning :).


….canned, cheap, jellied cranberry sauce. We buy 1 can for me and 1 for everyone else!



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