no sleep = cranky Lacey

It’s 3:41 and I have been awake since oh, midnight something. Mind you, we didn’t even go to bed until a bit after 11. Yawn. We’ve been in this time zone for almost 3 weeks now, is my body ever going to adjust?! I tried going without naps, I tried taking short naps, I’ve tried getting up for a bit, I’ve tried laying there tossing and turning, I’ve tried getting up for good at 7am, I’ve tried sleeping in till 9am. If the option is out there (short of the bottle of wine I haven’t opened yet and sleeping pills which never work on me anyway), I have tried it.

To no avail.

It is getting very old.

Worst part?

Today is our Saturday. The day I could REALLY sleep in but, no. My body has different plans.

And my poor family.

I am already exhausted most of the time due to the CLL, then add on to that that fact that I am not getting any rest and it is taking a huge tool on my mood. Which in turn takes a huge toll on my family. Even though he would never admit it, I am sure Bryan is glad to be going to work lately to get away from me (although, I guess that won’t work for the next 3 days since he is off). I am much better at controlling my mood for Jacey than I am for him. I don’t know if it takes so much out of me mentally to put on a happy face for J that there is nothing left for him or if I just figure he is an adult and he can understand better. No clue what my reasoning is there.

Anyhow, I guess I should stop wasting time complaining. Life is busy enough without wasting time.

This morning, Bryan and Jacey are going to change the oil and rotate the tires in the vehicles. Normally I would go and help, but with Bryan’s schedule being so haywire lately (plus his commute is about double what it will be once we are in our house), he hasn’t had much one-on-one time with J, so I am going to attempt to lay down and sleep while they are gone. This afternoon, I don’t know what we are doing yet. We might go check out the Y that we plan to join once we move into the house. They have a waterpark that is open to the public, so we may hit that instead of the base pool. Or we might not, at this point who knows.

Tomorrow, we move into the cottages (temp houses) over on main base till we close on our house. Thank goodness, because I am sure the inconsiderate neighbors and screaming kids here in TLF are not helping my sleep issues. We’ll be closer to the plane noise, but no attached neighbors. Fair trade off in my book. We have to be around for cable/internet hook-up that afternoon and I have to get my allergy shots at some point. We’ll probably also hit the pool again, it’s hard to keep my little daredevil off the high platform diving board now that she has discovered the thrill. I suppose at some point I should also make a menu and grocery list too, since I’ll actually have more than 6 inches of counter space to work in.

Thursday, we are getting the vehicles tinted (my front two windows and Bryan’s whole car). We should have already done it, but it’s been a bit busy. We both have dark gray vehicles with black interior which equal HOT in this Vegas sun and I am tried of roasting my legs and hiney on the leather seats every time I get in the truck. At least Bryan has cloth seats so it is a bit more tolerable (of course 9 times out of 10 he is in a flightsuit when he gets in his car, so his legs are protected unlike mine). Afterward, we are heading to check out the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. Something fun for J since we have to take care of “business” so much and drag her along.

Friday, Bryan is back to work for his 5 and hopefully we’ll have the seller signed contract on our house so I can get J registered for school. We’re less than 2 weeks away from school starting and I am beginning to get a bit stressed over having her registered based on the address of the new house (and having a school supply list would be helpful too). Keep us in your prayers that things keep moving along smoothly and quickly. This market is so nuts right now.



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