Tuesday Tidbits

  • So, Tricare approved my plastic surgery consult that my PCM put in last week…woohoo! Of course, I will still have to go through hoops with the plastic surgeons on base, but once you are in the clinic, you are in! Now to make an appointment and also talk my wants over with my oncologist when I see her to make sure she is on board.
  • Tricare also approved my dermatology referral but not to the base clinic. We are going to double check tomorrow if they have availability but if not, I’d prefer a female doc (they referred me to a male dermatologist). There are only 2 females network dermatologists in the area and one is not taking new patients right now. The other may or may not be taking new patients, we haven’t called yet but is in my Sunday school class. Think that would be weird? I know doctor’s are professional, but just not sure how “I” would feel about it…hmmm…..
  • We decided against theatre for Jacey as some of the “rules” weren’t sitting well with me. I mean, I have to sign over rights for you to take pics of my child and use them how you want but I can’t take pics of my own child without written permission?! I think not. So, for now she is going to just do baton twirling and *maybe* girl scouts once we get info back on that. I know nothing about girl scouts other than the thin mints rock and they are extremely annoying during cookie sales times.
  • So far, I am loving my Bible study but I am horrid about the homework. Class is tomorrow and have I even touched the lesson for this week…nope. And to think I am thinking about starting a second one with a group of military wives on the 24th. Glutton. For. Punishment.
  • My bottom is SO sore from sitting in that canoe for 4 hours yesterday. I’m just saying…
  • I am so tired. I fell asleep on the couch last night, was in bed by 9pm and woke up at 6:15am still feeling exhausted. Left work early, napped for 2 hours and still don’t feel any better. Who ran off with my energy (the little bit that I ever have)?

3 Responses

  1. YAY TRICARE SO FAR!!!! That is awesome….

    I am the SAME way about Men doctors. I cant do it. I feel way to uncomfortable.

    Sorry about you Butt…LOL you dont have any padding anymore!!!!

    My sister LOVED Girl scouts while she was in them Im thinking about getting Seylena in Daisys when she is old enough as long as it is a STRUCTURED troop the Unstructured ones suck.

    That sucks that you are tired all the time. I hope that you can get some of that energy back!

    I Need to find a good Powerful Bible study, Im in need of something right now.

  2. Hey, for what it’s worth, I used the derm your referring too when I was hospitlaized during pregnancy. They told me to contact one ASAP and she’s the only one i knew in the area so i called her in a panic. she was wonderful! Very professional and it was never weird. HOWEVER, i’ve had some awkward/weird interactions with OTHER docs who I went to church with…it’s a hard line to walk. But I did love this dermatologist…great doctor! Did a lot of research for me and was thorough.
    Could you go to sommeone else in her practice if you didn’t want to see her? Just my thoughts…


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