miscellaneous Monday

  • Halloween – Jacey had a blast. This year she was Princess Leia and let me tell you, I thought the choosing of a costume was hard…LOL! That was cake compared to this wig…sigh. She looked adorable though.

Halloween 2008

  • My Birthday – You know, I have the most wonderful friends and family. I got TONS of comments on my facebook/myspace pages, emails, flowers, a gorgeous bracelet, lunch, etc. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by love.
  • Report Cards – Well, Jacey got her first reposrt card of 1st grade last week and made the straight A’s honor roll. She seemed aloof about it, but I was very happy. We also had her teacher conference right before Bryan left and her teachers have nothing but rave reviews for her. She is already in the gifted program which is only science right now at her school, but they are going to start her in 2nd grade math which is great. I love that we have had awesome teachers for the last two years that don’t try to hold her back and push her to excel.

  • Weight Loss or Lack Thereof – I totally sabotaged myself this week…why do we do that?! I started the week off badly, with two days of less than 500 calories. Duh, Lacey…you are going to send your body into starvation mode. *sigh* The rest of the week wasn’t much better…just simply wasn’t in the mood to eat. So, needless to say in the last week I am only down a measly pound…blah.

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  1. Congrats to Jacey!! She looks so cute (and it is good to know there are girls out there who like Star Wars for my boys in the future!! :P) I hate to say it but I know what you mean about the diet thing. One day I do really good and the next day I completely undo all the good I did, I wish I was one of those people with willpower over food and could be consistant about it.

  2. I never feel like eating when Jeremy leaves.

    Off weeks are going to happen. As long as they stay the exception and not the rule, you’re doing fine!


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