Happy 7th Birthday Jacey!

Happy 7th Birthday Jacey

I can’t believe my baby girl is 7. *sniff* Where has the time gone?!

We got up this morning and did webcam with Daddy so he could sing her happy birthday and watch her open her presents. Then we headed to church. After church, it was a whirlwind day. We picked up Mrs. Marti and went to McD’s for lunch where Mr. Dave met us. Then, we headed to FWB to Fired Up to paint pottery. That was part of Mrs. Marti’s birthday present to Jacey. Then to Krispy Kreme for donuts, the outlets to waste time and then to Hard Rcok Cafe for Jacey’s birthday dinner. Her pick. While there, they announced her birthday to the whole restaurant and Jacey just couldn’t get over how they all *knew* it was her birthday.

She had a great day!

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