Yes, I have finally gotten stuck…actually 2 times now since my fill last week.

Here I am, gloating because I hadn’t gotten stuck yet at 2 months post-op then God knocks me back into place….twice…LOL! Once with raw spinach and once with a bite of a chicken wrap. Sigh…who knew He used those tactics :-)

Of course, those of you that are not bandsters are probably trying to figure out what the heck I am talking about. Well, imagine a sink drain and this drain is clear up to a certain point where gunk (or in my case, a band) it taking that flow and cutting it in half. Then, your garbage disposer decides it is not going to work and sends that food down the drain *unchewed*. It is going to clog up and cause a problem. Same issue here. It clogs up and causes this immense amount of pain that I would liken to an elephant standing on your chest. Of course, I could be wrong considering I have never had a real elephant standing on my chest.

This pain is almost unbearable. Thankfully Saturday it only lasted about 10 minutes, but yesterday it lasted over 30 minutes and at that point, I was praying to just go ahead and throw up…this is coming from the person that takes it as a personal insult if I have to throw up. I have heard of these episodes lasting for hours…I pray that never happens to me, or I might just have to do something like drink meat tenderizer…ewww.

I only have myself to blame though, I let myself get too hungry and ate too fast without cheing well enough. Fine, lessons need to be learned but, darn…why do they have to be so freaking painful!? Come to think of it, I’d probably rather have that elephant stand on my chest :-)

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  1. Hey, I can relate to the elephant on the chest scenario – I’ve had the ten minute version but the 30 minute version must be horrendous.


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