Does it say ANYTHING that I started this post on Saturday evening and here is is now, Monday night?!?!

Friday was a busy day…at least for Bryan. He got up and did routine maintenance on the vehicles; oil changes, new wipers, washer fluid, tire rotations, flushing brake fluid, etc. I am so thankful that he is willing and ready to do that kind if stuff. While I know how to do it, he says it is his way of taking care of me..that, and I think we are both scared to know how much a synthetic oil change would cost for my truck elsewhere.

After that, we headed out to Destin to take Jacey to see “Meet The Robinsons“. We paid a few dollars extra to see it in 3D and it was awesome. Definitely worth the money, all movie experiences should be like that. Finished off the afternoon/evening with dinner at Panera Bread…yummy.

Saturday we got up and dressed to go in search of a new deck canopy. The sun had finally taken its toll on our old one so we took it down a few months ago and really missed it now that the weather is absolutely gorgeous most days. Went to three different places before we finally settled on one. Picked up some flowers and a tomato plant for Jacey while we were out as well. Spent the rest of the day, putting the canopy up, planting flowers and just enjoying the weather.

Sunday I had to work in the morning and Jacey had a performance in our other venue across the street. Came home, ate lunch and took a quick nap. Then I had to get dressed for our Easter Musical, Lion of Judah, Calvary’s Lamb. It was wonderful and well received by the audience. Bryan took tons of pictures but I only have one edited so far…can you find me :-)?

Project 365: Day 54

Today was back to work/school as usual. Jacey had a dentist appointment and today was Bryan’s first day back in the spec flight (and swings as a result…YUCK).

I’m tired though, so I am off to bed…

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