What a whirlwind of life here lately! I kept meaning to post about Jacey’s and my birthday but am just now getting around to it!

I had a good birthday…Bryan got me a laptop skin, I bought myself some new clothes and Jacey surprised me with a cake after work/church. They also took me out to an early dinner, my choice, so I picked Giuseppi’s Wharf. Yum.

Nothing grand, but a great day nonetheless with the people I love!


DSC03123 (Custom)

Jacey had a great birthday too. She got to wear a birthday ribbon and take a birthday snack to school Then when she got home, we took her out to dinner, her choice…TGI Friday’s. Once back at home, she got to open all her presents from us and family. Then on the 4th, she had her party at the gym.

She (and everyone else) had a great time there and the party was a definite success!



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DSC03201 (Custom) (2)

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2 Responses

  1. Happy Belated Birthday to both you and jacey!!!!! I can’t believe how big all these kiddos are getting! My nephew will be 6 on Monday! Ack!!

  2. I got to wear a birthday button just like that on my birthday! We went to a squadron function and I still wore it…LOL!!


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