Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random thoughts on my mind today.

1. Now that I have Jacey’s birthday party booked, what all I have to do.

  • wrap presents (thankfully they are already bought)
  • make invites
  • make snacks/cupcakes for school
  • order cake/cookie/whatever for party
  • pray peopla RSVP
  • decide about goody bags (the venue gives them out but I need to figure out if I want to add to them)

2. I need to send out an email to MSP about shirt costs and get those back over to the screen printers.

3. My new *possible* schedule at work that I think would work out great for our family.

4. How much I have to do today since yesterday was a *Monday* (crazy day).

5. How much I dislike Microsoft this morning because Money is acting up and that IS our checkbook register.

6. That I am hungry and need to fix myself some breakfast.

7. What to do about winter clothes. Jacey has none yet and I don’t know what to buy. *Usually* winter is very short here and you don’t need many BUT, they are predicting the coldest winter in 100 years and we are ALREADY having cool morning.

8. That I LOVE the relief from the heat even if it is causing a clothing dilema(sp?).

9. I am frustrated at military clothing because Bryan NEEDS new uniforms but they don’t expect them to have any of his size pants in till December now (this was after we already bought EVERYTHING else needed expecting them in August).

10. I wish Bryan would get a yes or no on this new position. I don’t care which at this point, I would just like an answer.

11. That I am REALLY hungry (breakfast is now in the microwave).

12. The house is a wreck and it is driving me NUTS!!

13. Hopefully the metformin won’t make me yucky in my tummy this time. We shall see….

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  1. Just wanted to say hi and hope that you get everything done on your list of things to do!! I know how you feel about microsoft money — we use it too and I hate when it acts wonky!!


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