Tuesday Tidbits | 02.21.17

Why can’t people find better hobbies and use their intelligence to cure cancer or something? Came home from a weekend in Phoenix, only to discover unauthorized charges on my main credit card. The card is in my possession and I’ve reviewed everywhere I’ve been and used it. All legit businesses. Sigh. Our home network is

15, already?

Can it be? Are we really THAT old? Did our one and only actually turn 15 last week? That tiny little baby, who just yesterday stole our hearts? Yep, that one. Sigh. I can’t be totally sad though. Despite our shortcomings, she has turned out to be pretty awesome. Everything we could have hoped for

In Rewind :: CCS Summer Junior Olympics 2014

Back in July, we headed to Fresno, CA for the 2014 Central California Summer Junior Olympics, a 4 day long course championship meet. Jacey had a fantastic meet and here are a few snippets of each day.   Wednesday :: July 16 Travel day. The goal was to be out of the house by 0800…I

this girl.

This girl…is amazing! And I am not just saying that because she is mine. Every time I turn around, she is conquering whatever is placed before her. She started 6th grade this year and with it came a much more rigorous academic program. She was accepted into a magnet school that has an IB (International

bruised knees.

Saturday, I spent a good chunk of the day, photographing swimmers from Jacey’s swim team. I’ve become somewhat of the team photographer, unofficially. I had to stop, before I was ready, because my body was screaming at me. I sat there the rest of the day, sulking inside because I wasn’t getting to do what


1. We moved J to a new swim team where the team and coaching are the staff’s passion, not duty. 2. J gets to swim in the Nevada State Short Course Championships. 3. The science fair project is done and turned in. 4. Getting back in the gym. 5. I’ve survived my cancer diagnosis for