Illegal use of a shopping cart!?

I posted this tweet yesterday… “Umm…ok. Remind me not to ride the carts around the parking lot anymore, I don’t want to get arrested :)” And then just had to push my luck last night! Think this counts as illegal use of a shopping cart!? We weren’t arrested, but did get a few strange

miscellaneous Monday

I think I am going to start a miscellaneous Monday…it’s an easy way to get a lot of thoughts out at once. My apologies in advance if none make sense:-). So, I started the Couch to 5K today…yes, I know I was supposed to start it last week but I didn’t because I knew I

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That is what my legs feel like today…LOL! It was my first day back in the gym since December. Since a cancer diagnosis sent me reeling and a surgery put me out for 6 weeks. No excuse really though… Bry and I met at the Y after work today. Tomorrow I hit 6 weeks post-op,

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