Grateful Friday

1. Jacey came through her biopsy okay and is only in minor pain. 2. My new oncologist is knowledgeable, personable and doesn’t think the mass is anything to worry about at this point. Pelvic u/s, just to make sure though. 3. Safe travels, there have been many, many miles driven this week. 4. A fabulous

two starbucks straws.

Last Wednesday was my umpteenth-millionth ct scan. Throughout this five and a half year long journey (so far), I think the only thing left to scan is my toes. And by the looks of those, they probably should. ;) If you have never had the ummm, privilege of having a ct scan, well…let me save

biopsy #1

So, my bone marrow biopsy and aspiration was today and let’s just say that my anxiety over the procedure was 10X worse than the actual biopsy! I also now understand why I have never really *broken* anything :-). I had to be up at the hospital at 8:00am, so my Mom who was in for

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medical mystery…part deux

So, I went in today for the results of my recent flow cytometry test. At 28 years old, I have cancer. I have a form of cancer that that normally only affects people 70+ years old. One chart I looked at, didn’t even have a measurable amount of cases, per 100,000 people till the 35-39

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