Miscellaneous Monday

I finally finished A Man Called Ove, my third whole book this year. We won’t mention that 2 were audiobooks finished during our PCS here…LOL!   Yesterday, Bryan and I were supposed to go walking. Instead, it turned into an over 5.5 mile and 500+ foot ascent hike. You’d think after 17.5 years, I’d know

Grateful Friday

1. Jacey came through her biopsy okay and is only in minor pain. 2. My new oncologist is knowledgeable, personable and doesn’t think the mass is anything to worry about at this point. Pelvic u/s, just to make sure though. 3. Safe travels, there have been many, many miles driven this week. 4. A fabulous


4 years ago when I participated in my very first Relay for Life after my cancer diagnosis, I met a wonderful lady, a breast cancer survivor, who told me her story as we walked the survivor lap. Part of that story was about how she and her son got matching tattoos the day she heard

1 year bandiversary

I know, I am a couple of days late but such is life right?! I’ve sat down to write this several times now and keep getting pulled away. Saturday was my 1 year bandiversary. On July 25, 2008 I was scared out of my mind, second guessing the decision. Was it the right choice? Would