this girl.

This girl…is amazing! And I am not just saying that because she is mine. Every time I turn around, she is conquering whatever is placed before her. She started 6th grade this year and with it came a much more rigorous academic program. She was accepted into a magnet school that has an IB (International

double digit daughter

My sweet, baby girl turned 10 today! I think I am in denial that time has moved so quickly. Gosh, I love that girl. We started off the day with chocolate cupcakes (per her request) and presents, then she went off to school for half the day. We checked her out early, to snap some


Jacey is trouble with a capital T. :-) Normally she is a really good kids at school, having only come home with something other than a green stamp a handful of times. This week however, she came home with blue twice (one step down from green). On Monday it was because she wouldn’t quit making

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