Team ZOOMA Texas 2018

I’m super excited to share that I am now a  ZOOMA Texas 2018 Race Ambassador! I can’t wait to run the half marathon on March 10, 2018, in the gorgeous Hill Country outside of Austin! Come join me for this women’s race series with distances from 5K up to half marathon, including a half marathon

Team She.Is.Beautiful 2017-2018

I am so honored to announce that I was recently chosen to represent @runsheisbeautiful as an ambassador and SIB Sass Squad member! I love everything about this brand! Courage, bravery, love, and sweat! Women are amazing and community makes us stronger! I can’t wait to share more through the coming year!

May 2017 | Fitness Goals

Yes, I’m late. Again. What’s new?! I finally got a chance to sit down and make my May goals. I’ve had them in my head, but just haven’t had time to open up Photoshop and make them all pretty. And if I think life is crazy now, classes start back up on the 15th. I

April 2017 | Fitness Goals

You know that old adage, “the older you get, the faster time goes”? No? Did I just pull that out of thin air? Well, regardless, it is true. Last I looked, it was January and now here we are, almost halfway through April. I must be getting REALLY old. As crazy as life is, I did

March 2017 | Fitness Goals

Oh, hello March! I was really looking forward to you and my 2nd half marathon, but now I have mixed feelings. I’m currently nursing a hip injury/pain and the fate of that half is now in the air. Sigh. Let’s recap February… 1. 64 ounces of water daily – check. 2. 50 miles – fail.

February 2017 | Fitness Goals

  Somewhere, I lost January. Anyone else feel that way? It seems like just yesterday, we came home from Hawaii and now it is February. How exactly do you just “lose” that many days? Anywho. So, how did I do with my January goals? Let’s recap what they were. As you can see, I failed.