love does.

Yesterday on my way home to pick up Bryan after dropping Jacey off at swim, I noticed a homeless man sitting under a bridge. While that is a fairly common sight here in Vegas, it isn’t very common up in my part of town. He wasn’t holding a sign, he wasn’t begging, just sitting there.


4 years ago when I participated in my very first Relay for Life after my cancer diagnosis, I met a wonderful lady, a breast cancer survivor, who told me her story as we walked the survivor lap. Part of that story was about how she and her son got matching tattoos the day she heard

So, what are you giving up?

In many Christian denominations, it is traditional to give up or “fast” from something that we find pleasure in during the 40 days before Easter, the season of Lent. This act alone does not bring us closer to God if we are only doing it out of obligation and not with the right “heart”. Why