Grateful Friday

1. A wonderful support system that surrounds me daily. 2. Even though the surgery delay put kinks in things, it ended up working out okay. 3. The to do list is shrinking. 4. Naps. 5. I get to participate as a committee member for the 2009 Niceville Relay for Life, not just a survivor.


gag me with a sp…straw

So, I had a CT scan today and if I never have to go through that again, it will be too soon…LOL! The actual scan was fine, the tech was awesome…I mean, I didn’t even feel the IV go in, he was that is good. The scan is easy peasy, it was over and done […]


Relay for Life

I’ve always been a big cancer research supporter, too many people that I love have had to battle it. This year however, it hits even closer to home and I could not just make a donation and be okay with it. So, for the first in what I hope to become an annual event, Bryan […]