chapter 38.

Last Sunday was my birthday. Chapter 38. A new year. New experiences. New challenges. New blessings. New lessons. Chapter 37 taught me many lessons. A few stood out the most. I can survive getting told that my cancer is back. While I “knew” that someday I would hear those words again, a little piece of me

sweet 16.

Today, Jacey turns 16. 16 years of her bringing a smile to our face and all those around her. Sure, you could say I am biased, but I truly do believe that the world is a better place because she is in it. I sure know our lives are. Since birth, Bryan and I have written

double digit daughter

My sweet, baby girl turned 10 today! I think I am in denial that time has moved so quickly. Gosh, I love that girl. We started off the day with chocolate cupcakes (per her request) and presents, then she went off to school for half the day. We checked her out early, to snap some