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August menu planning part 1

Once upon a time, this was a pretty popular section on my blog. I have since become a serious slacker. I still menu plan twice each month, but I don’t take the time to post about it anymore. I can’t promise that I’ll stay consistent with posting our menus each month, but here’s a start […]



Can you believe it is already October?! Heck, it is not even the first, it is already the third…sigh. 26 more days till till I become an old lady…blech. 26 more days to get these last 12 pounds off to hit my final goal…not likely to happen. I haven’t missed a progress goal yet, but […]


grocery lists.

Does anyone else out there hate making a grocery list as much as I do?! Food holds no interest for me anymore (except sweets, they are the devil) so it’s no fun. Plus, I am Anal Annie when it comes to it, so I think I have made it a chore. I’ve been working on […]