August menu planning part 1

Once upon a time, this was a pretty popular section on my blog. I have since become a serious slacker. I still menu plan twice each month, but I don’t take the time to post about it anymore. I can’t promise that I’ll stay consistent with posting our menus each month, but here’s a start

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I try to make a new recipe at least every couple of weeks when Bryan is home. Yes, “when Bryan is home”, you caught that, huh? I don’t cook much when it is just Jacey and I. I never have gotten that making food for 1 down very well (she doesn’t eat much and I

soupy goodness

Well, thanks to Amy I now think I have a new favorite soup. That is saying a LOT since this girl normally doesn’t like soup. It even got rave reviews from Jacey and had Bryan drooling from almost 800 miles away. Luckily for him, I took half the batch and froze it for when he

brisket. mmmmm.

  I’ve been trying to actually *feed* Bryan the last few days, before he has to go suffer through 70 days of chow hall. I have never made a brisket before, but decided to attempt one. Bryan is after all, the VERY carnivorous one of the household. I grew up on delicious, fall apart, smoked


Can you believe it is already October?! Heck, it is not even the first, it is already the third…sigh. 26 more days till till I become an old lady…blech. 26 more days to get these last 12 pounds off to hit my final goal…not likely to happen. I haven’t missed a progress goal yet, but

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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen random thoughts on my mind today. 1. I am learning recently that I am not superwoman as much as I want to be. There are some things that I have to let go of to maintain my sanity and a life. 2. Since the children’s building is almost finished at work, I am getting

grocery lists.

Does anyone else out there hate making a grocery list as much as I do?! Food holds no interest for me anymore (except sweets, they are the devil) so it’s no fun. Plus, I am Anal Annie when it comes to it, so I think I have made it a chore. I’ve been working on

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long day(s).

Much randomness ahead. Friday after dropping Jacey off at school, I went for a training run and let me tell you, it kicked my butt. I ran hills in 84% humidity…sigh. I had to do it though, to prepare for the upcoming Gate to Gate, since there is a hill right before the finish line.