the NOT-so runner girl

FRUSTRATED. I am so freaking frustrated with my body right now. If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I have battled my weight for a VERY long time. I have went from heavy to normal to heavy again. I was diagnosed with cancer. I went from not very


So,  I got a new toy. Well, not so much a toy as a tool, but really it is more fun to call something a toy. A tool usually involves work and that isn’t always fun. It’s all about the mindset :). It’s one of these… What is it you ask? Well, one of the

a challenge (or two)

So, is anyone up for a couple of challenges? Fitness challenges that is? I am starting the one hundred push ups and two hundred sit ups challenge. I have finally decided that I AM going to be able to keep up with Bryan’s pt requirements for the military and while I have no issues with

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the BIG picture

Here lately, I have been stressing about everything (although the changes I blogged about have been helping). The move, my job, the TDY, my health, buying a house, making new friends, leaving old ones, Vegas schools, crime, etc, etc. The biggest I think though lately is my self image and self expectations. I am mad