a decade + seven.

17 years ago, this guy took me on our first date. 17 years. We were such babies.  He was a full time drafter, part time college student, wanna be rebel. I was a full time college student, part time lifeguard/swim instructor, full out rebel (without a good cause). I can still remember it like it

what i’m doing now :: 12.07.14

Currently I am: Reading: lots of emails that are cluttering up my inbox Listening to: the power lines behind my house hum because of the chill in the air Laughing at: nothing, today has not been a great day Swooning over: new 3 row SUV’s Doing: cleaning up my inbox and checking a few to

what i’m doing now :: 11.19.14

Currently I am: Reading: NIV Once-a-Day Devotional for Women and Love Does by Bob Goff…yes….still Listening to: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray Laughing at: how Jacey manages to turn every situation into a reason to homeschool…she is totally sold on the idea, I am halfway there Swooning over: the Samsung NX mini cameras Doing: home

what i’m doing now :: 10.21.2014

Currently I am: Reading: Love Does by Bob Goff…still, I’ve only been trying to get through it for a year now Listening to: the hum of a fan and computers, practically complete silence Laughing at: the “south” jokes, last night at the pool Swooning over: sleep…it sounds so dreamy :) Planning: swim changes and Christmas

In Rewind :: CCS Summer Junior Olympics 2014

Back in July, we headed to Fresno, CA for the 2014 Central California Summer Junior Olympics, a 4 day long course championship meet. Jacey had a fantastic meet and here are a few snippets of each day.   Wednesday :: July 16 Travel day. The goal was to be out of the house by 0800…I